Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Design and Development, Graduated May 2016

Technical Skills

Languages: Java, C++, ActionScript, HTML, CSS (Less,Sass, Stylus), JavaScript (D3.js, Three.js, Leaflet.js and P5.js), Arduino, XML, Processing, Max MSP, Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access; Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, and Premiere, After Effects; Audacity; Google Analytics, iMovie, Balsamiq, Sketch, Sketch Up

Relevant Experience

Editorial Designer/Visual Journalist, Boston Globe, Boston,MA  (Jan. 2018- Nov. 2018)

  •  Create both print and digital graphics with the Boston Globe’s Graphics team for the various reporters and stories in the Newsroom
  •  Produced, designed, and developed online interactive stories covering a variety of topics, ranging from sports to surveillance in Boston
  • Exploring and prototyping innovative ways to create digital stories through various applications and libraries, such as jquery, d3.js, and leaflet.js
  •  Learned and employed knowledge of design thinking, prototyping, and visual systems to develop projects and tools 
for the newsroom

Design/Code Intern, NPR Visuals, Washington D.C                        (Jan. 2017- May 2017)

  • Create graphics, visuals, and open source tools with the NPR Visuals team for the Newsroom and member stations
  • Learned and employed knowledge of design thinking, prototyping, and visual systems to develop projects and tools for the newsroom.
  • Collaborated with members of the Visual team, NPR reporters, and researchers to frame and explore the possibilities of a story
  • Secure certificate (SSL) the NPR Website, by redirecting visitors from HTTP to HTTPS of the site in order to make sure information and tools are protected

Library/Makerspace Assistant, Fort Bend-Sienna Branch Library, Houston, TX           (Sep. 2015- Dec. 2016)

  • Assisted the librarians by shelving, process and repair library materials, and answered questions about various library equipment and tools
  • Taught library patrons how to use digital tools and code, sometimes with the physical tools, to develop passion projects
  • Collaborated with fellow library assistants and librarians to develop curriculums that will allow members of the librarians and the community to engaged with the Makerspace equipment
  • Utilize tools (such as a 3D printer, Arduino, Laser Cutter, etc.) within the Makerspace and taught others how to build things using these tools

Digital Humanities Fellow, Five Colleges, Inc., Amherst, MA          (Aug. 2015- June 2016)

  • Developed an independent study that focused on developing a series of installations inspired by the history and cultural influence of Hip Hop
  • Utilized rapid prototyping, design, and creative tools, such as a Kinect and Arduino, to develop captivating installations and immersive environments
  • Collaborated with students, staff, and faculty throughout the Five Colleges to plan and produces these interactive projects and workshops
  • Communicated my process, findings, and ideas to members of the Five College Community through presentations, exhibitions, and workshops

User-Interface Design Intern, The Robot Agency, Houston, TX   (June 2015- Aug 2015)

  • Provide early user-interface designs for web-based and app-based projects include dashboard and products
  • Develop HTML prototypes and UI deliverables, such as wireframes and flowcharts with interface-design specifications
  • Collaborate with the supervisor, product manager, and marketing during design stages in order to optimize user experiences
  • Identified user needs and a company’s requirements through communicated designs with mockups and storyboards

User-Interface Design and Developer Intern, Blue Telescope Studios, New York, NY   (June 2014- Aug. 2014)

  • Created interactive prototypes with ActionScript using UI specifications, including screen layouts, color, palettes, typography
  • Planned and test usability of recently finished products to assure functionality of an interactive display
  • Identified user needs and business requirements through communicated designs with mockups and prototypes
  • Responsible for researching about different concepts and designs for a future interactive display

Additional Experience

Diversity Outreach Fellow, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA      (Sept. 2013- Present)

  • Planning Focus on Diversity (FOD) and Experience MHC for prospective students which allows them to be introduced to current students and the Mount Holyoke Experience
  • Serve as the main point of contact with cultural center assistants and affiliated orgs, the Dean of Students, and Student Programs in the development and planning for both FOD/Experience Diversity weekends
  • Promote diversity on campus through connecting with students on campus with media projects, social media, and meetings planned by the Diversity Outreach Team

Student Chair, Black Alumnae Conference, South Hadley, MA   (Jan. 2015- Nov. 2015)

  • Helped organize and prepare panels and events for the Black Alumnae Conference
  • Chose, organized, and positioned volunteers for different responsibilities during the conference
  • Help foster connections between students and alumnae before and during the Black Alumnae Conference
  • Create and developed workshops to prepare students for the Black Alumnae Conference

Tech Camp Counselor, Elite Music & Fine Arts, Houston, TX  (June 2015- Aug. 2015)

  • Organize and lead a variety of small and large group activities related with different forms of technologies
  • Implement weekly workshops that allow for further explorations in technology
  • Encouraged respect for personal property, camp equipment, and facilities
  • Respond to opportunities for group problem solving with campers and counselors
  • Communicate with parents about  participant’s experience and report concerns to Camp  Leadership

Community Leadership

Mega Giga Captain, Computer Science Society (CSS),  South Hadley, MA (Jan. 2015- Present)

  • Facilitate discussion between recent and experience Computer Science majors
  • Lead engaging conversations about diversity in engineering
  • Schedule meetings with all members part of my Mega Giga groups throughout the semester

Workshop Lead, Computer Science Society (CSS),  South Hadley, MA (Jan. 2014- Present)

  • Design and facilitate workshops that intersects art and technology
  • Engage students in interactivity using different types of digital media through MakerSpace
  • Provide Mount Holyoke students with an opportunity to engage in different forms of technologies

Alumnae Liaison, Association of Pan-African Unity, South Hadley, MA    (Jan. 2015- Present)

  • Create events and opportunities for current students to connect with black alumnae and former members of APAU
  • Create events that allows students to link with alumnae through the CDC for internship and job opportunities


  • Solo Exhibition: “E-Motion Movement”, Blanchard Art Gallery, South Hadley, MA
  • Group Exhibition: “Layers”, Blanchard Art Gallery, South Hadley, MA
  • Group Exhibition: “Five College Digital Humanities Showcase”, Eli Marsh Gallery, Amherst, MA