I am an Interactive Designer, performance, and installation artist that focuses on building participatory experiences in order to both disrupt the space or surrounds and to foster understanding and connections.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College where I developed an interdisciplinary major called Interactive Design and Development, which integrates computer science, art studio, and design thinking.

I explore and experiments with different materials, ranging from cloth to circuits, in order to process information and conduct storytelling about my local and global realities. Fusing elements of digital and physical materials allows me to explore ongoing themes of interest such as tactile interfaces, geometric architectural, and viewer participation. My recent work involves a process of research and discovery to ensure exchanges, which allows for communication and dialogue about complex social issues, such as street harassment, hip hop, and anxiety, and emerging ideas.

My work allows me to voice my concerns and hopefully develop solutions about issues facing me and my community.









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