I decided to do a usability test on one of my new favorite apps, Forest. Forest is a platform that provides an interesting and playful solution to beat phone addiction. The purpose of this app is to plant a tree and let it grow while you are working away from the phone. Through the level of productivity, the user will be able to accumulate hours, points, and trees to develop a forest. I wanted to develop a usability test on this app but also create a simple redesign , using InVision and Adobe Photoshop, to see how it affected user experience.

Identify usability issues on 4 essential task. In addition, I was develop usability test on the free components of this app not the premium version.

  • Stay focused and get ore things completed
  • Track productivity in an engaging way
  • Reward System from level of productivity
  • Beat phone addiction in an interesting way

To test essential features, I ran a usability test with two people. The requirements were that you needed to be new to the Forest Mobile App and have an Android.


  • Color Palettes
  • Simple Interface to navigate
  • Reward System
  • Definite goals with keeping up with productivity


  • Text Readability
  • Back Button don’t work effectively (multiple clicks to return home)
  • Nonessential items (Pages and Icons)
  • Use of tagging, not clear on how to utilize it with social media

The Forest app overall achieves there objective effectively. It is an effective tool in preventing people from going on other apps and be able to track their productivity over time.

However, I do believe that the app has cosmetic issues and certain bugs that can be fixed. For example, there are times where you can go on other apps and run this app in the background without your tree withering. I believe that to ensure full productivity, when going to another app, the tree should definitely wither.

Cosmetic issues is that text needs to be more readable, buttons and icons more noticeable, and showcase the Forest App goals when it comes to the premium package and social initiatives through there introductory videos.

Overall, the app is a fun, interactive way that people can stay away from their phones in order to increase productivity in their work.




Posted by:eesomonu

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